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Dealing with out structures

Friday 26 January 2007 by jnative
This is a simple DLL call that puts its output in a structure :
I take the example of Kernel32’s GetSystemTime() for example as asked by Rods
This is the comment of the out structure you can find it on the msdn /** * SystemTime * * * typedef struct _SYSTEMTIME * WORD wYear; * WORD wMonth; * WORD wDayOfWeek; * WORD wDay; * WORD wHour; * WORD wMinute; * WORD wSecond; * WORD wMilliseconds; * SYSTEMTIME, * */
Then we need (...)

Adding a simple function call to User32/Kernel32/Foo java wrapper class

Saturday 9 December 2006 by jnative
Learn how to add a simple function call to a DLL

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Sunday 5 November 2006 by jnative

New features on JNative v1.0

Tuesday 24 October 2006 by jnative


Saturday 3 June 2006 by jnative

JNative Howto

Saturday 3 June 2006 by jnative


Thursday 1 June 2006 by jnative

Callbacks are working now !!!!

Thursday 1 June 2006 by jnative