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New features on JNative v1.0

星期二 2006年10月24日.
This article presents some of the features long asked by many users. I added them to the 1.0 release. With no particular order let’s say :
-  Ability to load the library from any directory,
-  Linux callbacks,
-  Multi-threading

Loading the native side

1. Put the library in the PATH:

2. Use the VM option mechanism -Djnative.loadNative=value

3. Use the System properties

This works exactly the same way that previous chapter, but instead in your code you’ll have to add to the System properties the same entry, for example you want to use the lib from a known directory, but some times the lib can be elsewhere :


JNative can print some useful information when something goes wrong. The same way of loading native side you can use the System property jnative.debug to enable this feature.

java -Djnative.debug=true your.Class

System.setProperty("jnative.debug", "false");
By default debug is turned off.


To be continued...

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