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La vie du CVS / CVS life

Sunday 4 June 2006.

CVS Life

Support for registry operations have been added this night. This support is incomplete and will grow soon.

implemented June 04, 2006

RegEnumKeyEx(HKEY, int, RegKey)
RegOpenKeyEx(HKEY, String, int, REGSAM)
RegQueryInfoKey(HKEY, RegQueryKey)

implemented June 05, 2006

RegEnumValue(HKEY, int, RegValue)
RegGetValue(HKEY, String, String, int, RegData)
RegQueryValueEx(HKEY, String, RegData)
And a main() to list all the ActiveX in the registry (in progress).

implemented June 09, 2006

Changed all comments from GPL licence to LGPL

Have fun.

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